Three Musketeers
“Efren Delgadillo Jr.'s clean, inventive set design is admirably versatile.”

Don Juan In Chicago
“The production values on display are of an absurdly high caliber. The costume design work from Jocelyn Melechinsky is superb, as is the inventive scenic design from Efren Delgadillo, Jr.”
-Josh Sherman
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Moonshine and Peepshow
“I CANNOT remember so wholeheartedly wanting a piece of theatre not to stop as I did the first half of this gorgeous double bill of theatrical creativity.”

Pasted Graphic

“Set designer Efren Delgadillo Jr. puts to work fluorescent lighting, overhead projection, frosted windows and other common spartan office decor in making this world-to-come. The design steals the show, turns the awkward space at STAGE 52 into a variety of rooms at home and the office, all anchored by stainless steel and glass tables and lifeless artificial light. His hero pieces are a real treat and, along with some messy prop design, make the show’s gleeful violence possible.”
-D. Jette

Promethues Bound
“The 23-foot-tall rotating steel wheel dominating Efren Delgadillo Jr.'s set design may sound gimmicky, but the machinery is conservatively employed. Its presence is more sculptural than athletic. (Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics aren't part of the equation.) This scenic approach taken by Preston, dean of the CalArts School of Theater and artistic director of the CalArts Center for New Performance, suits a play that is static on the surface yet nonetheless coursing with revelations.”

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